A consulting firm specializing in commercial roofing, waterproofing, and exterior wall performance.

—Twenty-one years and millions of square feet of project experience—

Project Experience

Project Industries


  • Shopping Malls, Strip Malls, Multiple and Regional Locations
  • Big Box Retailers, Restaurants, Franchises


  • Steel Manufacturing, Steel Fabricating, and Steel Distribution Facilities
  • Automotive Facilities


  • Elementary and Secondary School Districts
  • University Facilities

Medical and Health

  • Local and Regional Hospitals
  • Medical Research Lab Facilities

Government and Defense

  • U.S. Air National Guard Facilities
  • U.S. Veterans Administration Hospitals


  • Water & Sewer Authorities
  • Power Generation

Project Profiles

Air National Guard – New England

Project Management - Hangar Renovation

Marriott Hotels – West Coast

Investigative Testing and Evaluation - Roofing Systems

Palm Beach Towers Condos – East Coast

Insurance and Warranty Claim Negotiations - Roof and Wall Damage

WP Regional Medical Facilities – Midwest

Project Management - Sustainable Roof Systems

National Park Service - Rock Creek Park – Washington, D.C.

Project Management - Exterior Renovations